Sell Playground Outdoor playground Games have started much favored by children. Therefore, we as a manufacturer of Zaidan Toys playground material with Indonesia, local manufacture of high quality, durable, and powerful selling various games or outdoor playground you can select directly in our factory. Contact us at the phone number 081333486388.

The quality of our workmanship as playground pool very good and smooth. Always use STAINLESS pipe material, even for indoor playground though. Car paint finishing and checking in any sharp parts to be eliminated so palyground pool that we make really safe to use by the user.

Here are some of the Outdoor Playground Products already in our production:
Sell Delta Aralia instalation 6
Delta 7 instalation Aralia
Sell Delta Aralia WM

We began consumer-trusted by large consumers with quality, safety, durability, and good name. Some of our consumers who have used the playground pool from our child's toy factory is Hotel Sommerset, Perum Deltasari, BESS Waterpark, bag, bag V, IV and so on.

Entrust to us Your workmanship playground Zaidan Toys Sidoarjo and Malang.

Contact us as a manufacturer of quality and best outdoor playgorund:
Zaidan Toys-Manufacturers Of Playground Outdoor
081 333 486 388
0878 590 345 27

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